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In 2003, we created a unique assessment system with 12 different standards that our riders progress up through. Assessments are done annually, within normal class times and each member receives a feedback sheet detailing their strengths as a rider, and points that they need to concentrate on in the future. The assessment system is designed to be easy to understand for children (including the assessment feedback forms which are very child friendly) and adults - allowing for more detailed explanations/advice for our adult members. We would always advise riders that the assessments are not designed to be "sat and passed" each year and it takes on average 2 years to progress up a ribbon standard when you are at beginner/novice stage and up to 5 years when you reach the intermediate/advanced stages (due to the amount of content at this stage).

Ribbons are separated into beginner/novice/intermediate and advanced levels.

The Ribbons

Assessment Ribbon Colours