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We offer a range of lessons to suit your needs. We are also happy to tailor make packages for your individual requirements, please call or email to make an enquiry.

Sarge Jumping

Group Lessons (minimum age 5 years)

The most fun/social way to ride! Group lessons are held in regular slots each week giving you the chance to ride regularly in a set time. Our group lessons for children and adults are predominantly after school or weekend times, with childrens lessons between 4.30p.m and 6.30p.m and adult lessons at 6.30p.m and 7.30 p.m Mon – Thurs and all times between 9.00a.m and 5p.m Saturday and Sunday.

Group lessons are for one hour, although we offer half hour slots for children under 7 years. If you are interested in joining as a beginner rider, then contact us to get details of when the next beginner group is starting.

If you have done some riding, then contact us for an assessment private lesson, after which we can advise you of which group lessons would be suitable for your standard. Our group lessons follow a unique assessment structure, with coloured ribbons awarded at various levels and assessments carried out annually. Our assessment system was designed by Sally McCarthy (club manager) and all coaching staff teach to the same syllabus, meaning if you want to swap lesson times to another instructor you will still follow the same syllabus.

Group Lesson

Private Lessons (minimum age 5 years)

Private lessons are ideal for the rider who wishes to concentrate on one particular aspect of their riding, wants to have a lunge lesson or has a confidence issue. They are also the lesson type that we use to assess new riders in and are popular with beginners who wish to have an “intense course” over a few days.

A lot of our livery members (a livery is someone who keeps their own horse at ours) use private lessons for training for competitions and we also provide tuition and test riding for local riders who travel to us with their own horse for lessons.

Private lessons are all with a qualified coach of your choice and riding school members can request a specific horse (which we will strive to provide). Our private lessons are very busy therefore we open the diary on the last Monday of the month for the next month (e.g February’s diary will open on the last Monday in January) to allow everyone a fair chance of booking.

We offer a discounted rate of £2 off for private lessons which take place before 4p.m Mon – Fri.

Private Lesson

Walkies (minimum age 4 years)

Walkies are an ideal introduction for either young riders or adults and we take children from 4 years for walkies (as opposed to 5 years for lessons). Walkies are a ½ hour lead rein session, taken out round our farm (off road) by our staff, but with the provision that we have an indoor arena free if the weather is bad! We take a maximum of 4 riders on a walkies so it is great for building up confidence around horses before starting group lessons. Walkies are available on a Saturday and Sunday and are booked in the same way as private lessons (above) but if you require a mid week slot, get in touch as we can often arrange something.


Stable Management

We offer stable management in week long courses for junior members during the Aberdeen City school holidays and hour long sessions for adults or juniors on a weekly basis. Week long courses include a daily riding lesson, stable management lecture and supervised grooming, whereas the hour long session are just practical stable management training. We place the utmost importance on our responsibility to train members in the best stable management and horse care methods and are always happy to tailor stable management training to an individuals requirements.

We also regularly run training evenings or educational evenings on buying horses, lunging, handling e.t.c. So keep an eye out on our Facebook/Blog page for more info.

Stable Management

Instructor Training

All our coaches are trained in house for their BHS exams and we are also happy to provide instructor training up to BHS A.I. level. Our view is that if you wish to become a coach, you should learn from the best and ARC has a long history or producing excellent coaches and creating sound teaching principles and assessment systems.

University Training

ARC is also currently the chosen provider of horse riding instruction for The Robert Gordons University. The university has an active riding club and we hold lessons from Beginner – Advanced on a Wednesday afternoon for uni riders. RGU also has a competition team which we train – team trials are normally held late in September/early October so if you are joining uni and have a bit of competition experience, have a look out for the riding club stand at Freshers Fayre.


ARC is proud to have been able to support The Riding for the Disabled Association for over ten years now. From 2005 – 2017, Aberdeen RDA group enjoyed subsidised rates for hiring our arena and horses and ponies – we subsidised their activities to ensure that the sport remained accessible to all riders, including people with disabilities.

In 2017, with the move to the new purpose built, accessible facility at Nether Anguston, ARC are now supporting another RDA group – ARC Hippotherapy. The ARC Hippotherapy group provide physiotherapy on horseback to riders who require it and offer a highly specialised therapy service which is really needed in the area. As a reflection of the quality of this RDA group, ARC is supporting them by providing their arenas, horse hire and equipment free of charge to allow them a period to do some fundraising for their vital equipment.

ARC is incredibly passionate about making riding accessible to all and for this reason, a huge part of the design of Nether Anguston was driven by making a facility that was fully accessible for disabled riders. To this end, our stabling, reception, spectator areas and ridden arenas are all completely accessible. ARC provides riding for disabled individuals through the mainstream riding school and through our community work and we welcome enquiries from riders who may require additional support.