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We offer a range of lessons to suit your needs. We are also happy to tailor make packages for your individual requirements, please call or email to make an enquiry.

Sarge Jumping

Group Lessons (minimum age 5 years)

The most fun way to ride - group lessons are held in regular slots each week, giving you the chance to make new friends in your class and for your riding to take on a more social aspect. Group lessons are generally for 1 hour, although we offer shorter half hour groups for our younger members (under 7 years). If you are interested in joining a group as a new member at ARC, we would initially book you in for an assessment private lesson. During and after your assessment, your instructor will advise you of what colour standard you are and give you a list of the suitable lessons. Typically our group lessons run between 4 p.m and 6p.m. for juniors Monday - Thursday and 6p.m. - 8p.m for adults Monday - Thursday. Weekends are our busiest time, with group lessons on all day between 9a.m and 5p.m (both Saturday and Sunday). Our group lessons follow our unique assessment structure, with coloured ribbons awarded at various levels and assessments are carried out annually.

Group Lesson

Private Lessons (minimum age 5 years)

Private lessons are ideal for the rider who wishes to concentrate on one particular aspect of their riding or has a confidence issue. Private lessons have exclusive use of the arena and a qualified instructor (normally ½ hour) and members can request a particular horse. Private lessons can also be booked as a lunge lesson - the ideal way to work on your position and balance. Our private lessons are very busy and although we offer some evening and weekend slots, these book up very quickly. For this reason we always prepare the private lesson diary one month in advance, with the book opening for members to book slots on the last Monday of the month for the next month (e.g. March's bookings will open on the last Monday in February). We also offer a discounted rate of £2 off for private lessons taken before 4p.m. Monday - Friday to encourage any riders who are free during the week to utilise these slots rather than taking up a prime evening or weekend slot.

Private Lesson

Cross Country Private Lessons

We purchased a full course of cross country jumps in 2011, for use by our liveries and riding school members. Unfortunately, we will not offer the jumps for private hire to non-members, as the insurance costs would affect our lesson prices and we feel that they will last longer if used by our members only.

The cross country jumps are portable fences which are securely pegged into place, which means that we can move the jumps each year to change the challenge of them. The jumps are located in the "runway" field behind the school, meaning that they are close by if we want to use them with our lessons and they range from 50cm to 1.00m, so will suit all standards of riders who are ready for the challenge of cross country. We have fairly strict rules with our cross country course due to safety, so anyone who is using it, either in riding school lessons or as a livery must have a Level 3 or higher body protector on and a hat to current safety standards.

Cross Country Course - BumpsCross Country Course - Brush FencesCross Country Course - Solid Fences

Walkies (minimum age 4 years)

Walkies are designed for our younger members (7 yrs and under) but you are never too old for a walkies! Walkies are a ½ hour lead rein session, taken out round the farm (off road) by one of our staff. We take a maximum of 4 riders on a walkies, so it is ideal as a taster session for the family, or just for one child. We can take children from 4 years for walkies so it is an ideal introduction to riding for younger members who need to build their confidence and become familiar around horses before starting group lessons.


Stable Management

We offer stable management in week long courses for junior members during the school holidays and hour long courses for adults or junior members who have a busier time table. We place a lot of emphasis on correct stable management training as we believe that learning to ride involves more than just collecting your tacked up horse from its stable. For this reason we require certain stable management experience as part of each assessment standard, which also enables us to ensure our members have been correctly trained before going to get their horses from the yard. We always advertise upcoming stable management in newsletters and on the yard in order for everyone to get organised in time for the bookings opening.

Stable Management

Instructor Training

Aberdeen Riding Club has an excellent reputation in the North East for providing high level instructor and exam training. We offer training to BHS A.I standard and can tailor training packages to each individual. We constantly have two training students working on the yard, progressing through their BHS exams and all our instructors are trained in house. Aberdeen Riding Club funds all their training and exam costs and we also offer training to external candidates (at group lesson prices). If you would like to discuss your training requirements, or tailor a more specific package, you should contact Sally either through reception or by email.


ARC is also the chosen provider of horse riding instruction for The Robert Gordons University. The university has a very active riding club, and students attend riding sessions (beginner, novice, intermediate and advanced) on a Wednesday afternoon at Oldfold. The university funds 50% of each students riding lesson, meaning students ride for £14 per hour and ensuring, again that the riding is accessible to all. We also provide team training (Tues p.m) for the RGU Riding Competition teams (they have an A and B team), and host two competitions each year. The competition teams are each in a league (which also includes Aberdeen, St. Andrews and Dundee univeristies) and each team has a home competition throughout the year. Their competitions involve each individual member of the team (4 team members) doing a dressage test (approximately novice level) and a round of showjumps (approx 90 cm). We provide four dressage horses and four jump horses, who each do four tests and four rounds of jumps, with a rider from each team and points are awarded for how each individual team member gets on with each horse, compared to other teams riders.

RGU has won their local leage for the last three years, then won the Regional league twice, resulting in attending the National Championships and producing a National Champion, National Jumping Champion and the team taking second place nationally. They have also been awarded RGU "Team of the Year" award at the annual sports awards ball.


We are very proud to be able to support The Riding for the Disabled Association (Aberdeen branch). The RDA moved to our premises in 2007, as we could offer them the indoor school and the use of several very special horses and ponies, who spend their Tuesdays and Wednesdays ensuring that Disabled riders are able to get riding, training and access to the outdoors (by riding round the farm). Many members are surprised to learn that horses and ponies who do all standards of lesson (including advanced and fast work) can be suitable for slower work with the RDA - however the horse and ponies personalities are paramount to their suitability, and our very special RDA horses and ponies are:

Ben, Boyo, Gemima, Holly, J.R., Jafa Cake, Sid, Silver and Twiggy.

We give the use of the indoor school free of charge for the RDA, and charge a heavily subsidised rate for the use of the horses. We decided when the RDA joined us that we wanted to help them ensure that as many different riders as possible could get access to riding and we felt the best way to do this was to support the charity by heavily reducing the horse hire rates. RDA do various sessions at Oldfold on a Tuesday (all day) a Wednesday (evening) and a Friday (morning). They rely on volunteers, as each horse/pony needs a leader and two sidewalkers - meaning quite a lot of volunteers! If you would like to offer to volunteer for the RDA, give us a call in reception or contact us by email and we can pass on the groups contact numbers who can advise you on when they would like help. You don't need to be a horse expert - we groom and tack up all the horses for the RDA, you just need to be physically fit and happy to help.