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Aberdeen Riding Club is an instructor training centre, recognised by the BHS for its excellence in training staff. Whilst we always have qualified staff on duty, we are also constantly training students up through the BHS exam system and helping them become qualified by funding some of their training and exams. We believe it is very important to invest in instructor training to ensure that new, well qualified and experienced staff are continually entering all spheres of the equestrian industry.

Our current team of staff are:


Alison Bertram
Ali has been a club member for over ten years and now heads up our reception team. Ali has a degree in management and has been heavily involved in the relocation project to Anguston, supporting Sally with the admin side and making sure nothing is forgotten! Ali will be away travelling for a few months after relocation but is heading back to ARC in October to take up a full time post running the admin side of the business. Ali has her own horse, Spring who lives on the livery yard.
Joel Valentine
Joel has been a member at the club for over eight years and is currently studying Computing Science at RGU, Joel works part time on a Saturday at the club. Joel is responsible for developing resources, IT based jobs and the monthly booking sheets.
Elle Russel
Elle has been a member at the club for over nine years and has owned Longo for six years. She has competed in numerous showjumping events over their time together. Elle previously worked at a successful showjumping yard - so has plenty of experience handling and working with young horses. Elle is currently studying law at Glassgow university.


Sally McCarthy (Club Manager) BHS I.I.SM (regd)
Sally has worked with horses since leaving school at 16 and working on a dressage yard in Portugal for a year. She initially began training with the club at our previous premises and has now worked for the company for 17 years. She holds her BHS Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, PTT, ITT and Stable Managers qualifications and is a first aider. Sally became a director of the company in 1998 and was instrumental in the club moving premises successfully in 2003. Sally teaches all standards of rider in both private and group lessons and is responsible for all staff training towards their exams. She is also involved in the admin side of the company, doing the bookkeeping and ensuring all club policies are up to date and sound (including health and safety responsibility). Sally rides "Miro" who is an 8 year old bay sports horse, who was bought for her by a previous member who now lives in the US. Sally also owns Lucy, Helga and Abbey (her dogs).
Martin Dargie (Instructor) BHS A.I.
Martin has been involved with the club for over 15 years since he began riding as a small child. On leaving school, he began a training programme to become a qualified instructor and has had close ties with the club ever since. He enjoyed travelling Australia in 2008/9 and then returned to work at the club when he came back to Aberdeen. Martin enjoys jumping more than flatwork, is responsible for some staff training and teaches all standards of rider in both group and private lessons. Martin has previously competed 3 of the school horses at BSJA and is a popular choice for jumping private lessons. Martin is our livery yard supervisor. Martin is a qualified first aider.
Richard McKnight (Instructor) BHS A.I. (Stage 4 care)
Richard joined us from an equestrian centre in London and is one of the first staff that we have employed who already had a qualification, as we normally train our own staff. At his interview, we were really impressed with Richards level of knowledge and coaching skills and were delighted when he joined our team in May 2013. Richard teaches all standards of group lessons and private lessons and has a particularly good knowledge of flatwork theory and training. He is a popular instructor as he is very laid back and patient and has fitted in really well to our team. Richard holds his First Aid at Work certificate.


Laura Cargill
Laura works on the livery yard, she has previously worked at other successful livery yards in Aberdeen. Laura is experienced with all types of horses and has fitted in well to the livery yard. She has a nice attitude with all the livery clients and is great with the horses. Laura has her own horse, which she keeps at a small yard and enjoys riding and competing regularly with. Laura is available for riding/schooling of livery horses, which can be booked through her in the diary. Laura is also responsible for inputting all livery services each month to Sally for billing.
Max Turner
Max has worked with horses form a young age, she works full time at the club on the livery yard. After finishing her degree in Zoology at Aberdeen University Max decided turn her lifelong passion into a job. Max also works in reception on a Thursday and is a valued member of our team.
Ellis Rugg
Ellis is a training student with us, who works on the livery yard. Ellis joined us when she left school as she was keen to find a position with horses where she could continue to train and learn. Ellis is excellent at handling all the liveries and very thorough with their care. Ellis keeps her horse Cruise at the club.