August Newsletter

that restrictions have lifted to organise an “August show” – it takes around 3 months to organise caterers, sponsors, judges e.t.c. and because of Covid restrictions earlier in the year we couldn’t commit to doing one. However, we will be full steam ahead to organise one for next year and the members committee are going to look to organise a small dressage competition instead that our junior and senior members can take part in in September or October, so we’ll keep you updated on that.


Can we just take this opportunity to remind all our members that if you have been contacted by Track and Trace and it’s been requested you isolate or take a Covid test, that you don’t attend the stables until you have a negative result and are advised you can stop isolating. We know that it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with all the guidance/testing advice, but our aim at ARC is to try to prevent transmission and to ensure all members can attend the centre comfortable in the knowledge that we have the best Covid practices in place.

As the pandemic progresses and we find new ways of working, we are going to continue to offer a full credit for anyone who has to cancel due to self-isolating or a positive Covid test, however from August we will be requesting that you send us a screenshot of your track and trace “ping” or test results. Obviously, any sensitive information can be blanked out, but we are constantly reviewing our policies for Covid and requesting a screen shot of your track and trace requests for tests or self-isolation allows us to ensure that we have as robust a system as possible in place to prevent transmission whilst also ensuring nobody loses out financially for being responsible. We will keep you right with what information we require when you cancel your session if it is Covid related and once more we thank all our members for being responsible and understanding of the situation.


So, Ricki has finished all his isolation now, been shod, had his vaccines and his teeth done and has started doing some gentle lunge work. Ricki was a bit underweight when we bought him and needs to build up a bit of muscle tone, so he’ll be doing some gentle strengthening work for a start, but he seems to have settled in really well so far.


As you guys know, we offer both training and the actual assessments for the BHS career pathway. During the last 18 months, the assessments have been delivered under a “devolved” method – so Stage 1 ride and care, Stage 2 – 4 care and lunge have been booked through ARC whilst the Stage 2 ride and Stage 2 and 3 ride and coach are booked through HQ. From 1st September, this system will revert back to the HQ organised one, with only Stage 1s remaining devolved. So, anyone who wishes to do a Stage 2 – 4 needs to look on BHS website and see which assessments are available at what centres and then book through BHS HQ. For anyone who wants to do the care or riding sections of their Stage 1, it is still devolved so can be booked through us at ARC but if you have any questions at all about the career pathway training or assessments, then just give us a shout!


We’d also been asked in the members survey to provide some information to members on volunteering opportunities, so we thought we’d start this by getting the ARC Hippotherapy Group to introduce themselves and provide some info on volunteering opportunities with them. The ARC Hippo group are and RDA group which deliver their hippotherapy at ARC using our horses and ponies, so you will find some information about them at the end of this newsletter after the horse story.

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