November Newsletter


Just to clarify with everyone, private lesson booking dates will remain unchanged for December/January as they fit in nicely around skeleton lessons e.t.c. So, the date for booking December private lessons remains Monday 29th November from 10.00a.m and January private lesson booking date remains Monday 27th December at 10.00 a.m.

As a reminder for everyone, Ali answers the phone bookings first and then will deal with email bookings after that – we know it is frustrating if you are trying to call and the line is busy, but we have one diary and one phone line so we can only deal with one member at a time booking lessons. Do also remember that group lesson bookings work differently – if you ride in a group you can call at any time to book into it or buy a block booking card e.t.c for it and do please remember that private lessons ideally are a “top up” for existing members who wish to work on something specific – build confidence e.t.c. or for new riders to be assessed.


The school horses and ponies have asked that we put a wee note in the newsletter to ask everyone just to be careful when taking them in and out of their stables as a few of them have been caught on the hips by doors that aren’t opened properly.

Remember that horses and ponies are much longer than you (and much wider than you) and they need you to open the stable door fully by pushing it right back against the wall of the stable so that they have the full width of the doorway. If you just open it wide enough for you then they will hit the door and won’t want to come out – if the door is half open the danger is they catch their hip as they turn coming out, so please make sure you hold the door completely open and if you’re helping a smaller rider to put their pony back, hold the door right open for them.


Just a reminder that we offer gift vouchers for our existing riders which make good Xmas pressies. Our vouchers have an expiry date of 12 months and can be made up for any monetary amount, so you can either have a voucher for a specific product (e.g. walkies/private lesson) or you can just make it any amount and it works as a credit note – it can go towards any service we offer.


The British Horse Society has some brilliant Xmas cards for sale – they ran a competition for people to design Xmas cards and then Sally was involved with picking the “top 10” (yup – Sally did something Christmassy!) and then the public voted for their favourite 4 online.

We’ve already bought ours to send to suppliers and supporters of ARC – they’re great quality and it’s nice to support an equine charity whilst buying your cards.

If you’d like to get some then the link is:

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