November Newsletter

We always planned to aim towards buying this piece of kit once we had settled in at Anguston as it ties in well with our aims and strategy. It would be hugely beneficial to therapy riders and hippotherapy riders as well as main stream riders and we suspect it would get a lot of use from local groups and clubs as there aren’t any of these in the area. So we are about to start fundraising in earnest – the panto is the first fundraiser and we’ll be releasing more information over the next few weeks with a timeline of Sep/Oct 2020 to have raised the funds. 

The horses name? It’ll be called Murphy obviously as we think it’s a pretty good legacy to the wee guy! So when you see our various fundraising activities appearing on social media and in the newsletter over the next few months, please try to make a wee donation where you can – every little helps! We will also be running a fundraiser in Feburary – likely a race night or quiz night again and will look to make a lottery funding application as well so exciting but busy times!

Thanks – JR xxx

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