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The Story of Bali

So, Bali is next in our “Story of the School horses” series. Bali is a 16-year-old, 14.3h.h. skewbald mare who we bought last year in 2020 for the riding school. Bali was a great purchase – she is very popular with all our members who ride her as she is forward and responsive but very kind.

We first heard of Bali through one of Jason’s farrier team – Jemma.  We’ve known Jemma since she was an apprentice with Jason many years ago so trust her completely. Jemma approached us one day when she was in shoeing to detail that she had a pony (Bali) who she had owned for a few years but didn’t have a rider at the moment. Jemma had originally bought Bali for herself, then she went to another home where she did some P Club, grassroots eventing and riding school work.

Jemma then took Bali back when she was ready for another home as she wanted to make sure her next home was as good. Bali likes company and being in a herd and has previously shown some less than desirable behaviour when taken away from her field pals or asked to stand in a stable on her own e.t.c so, Jemma thought ARC may be a good place for Bali as we can manage them in herds and deal with her less than desirable behaviour.

Bali arrived for a month’s trial in 2020 and never went home – we were delighted with her. She fitted in really well to the riding school, fitted in well to the mare’s field and was exactly the type of horse that we look for. She is also a perfect size as she carries small adults and teenagers but isn’t too tall for those that are a bit wary of height.

So, after a month, we bought Bali and her saddle, and the lovely part is that Jemma can see her each week when she comes to ARC to shoe.

Bali hasn’t really shown her less than desirable behaviour since she got here – she tried being a wee bit bargey at the stable for a start, but then realised that didn’t get her anywhere. She tried to bully a couple of the school mares, but quickly realised that Calais, Betsy and Bertha are much bigger and don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour J

As is often the case, the horses are the ones who made Bali happy and settled – she knows her boundaries, is happy in her group and is a really easy sweet mare to have around the place.

She gets sunburnt really easily as she has very pink skin on her neck and nose, so she wears Factor 50 at all times when the sun is out and has a fly sheet which deflects the rays off her neck. She made her debut at BHS Stage 1 and 2 assessments this year and was very sweet and polite for those doing their assessments. A really valued member of the team is Bali!

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