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Starting a new group lesson

Choosing ARC, you make one of the best decisions for your riding as we are an approved, established training centre. This will hopefully answer any questions you have about your new hobby, and also give some information you may not have known.

What time should I arrive for my lesson?
Around 15 minutes before your lesson starts is ideal. This gives you time for fill in the required forms (if you have not already done so), and also lets you have a look around the centre and meet your instructor.
What should I wear?
Warm clothes! Whilst we have an indoor school, it is still chilly - particularly in the winter. Close fitting clothes are best, as anything "flappy" can make the horses nervous. You can wear any type of comfortable trousers - just make sure they are quite thick so that you don't rub your legs. The only safety requirement is that you wear shoes with a small heel - trainers are not permitted as they can slip through the stirrup. We have hats which you can collect when you arrive. Its important that you just wear what is comfortable for a start - there is no need to go and buy expensive gear - whilst you will want this further on in your riding, it is not necessary for the first few weeks, and can be pretty expensive!
Are there any other rules?
We have a weight limit of 14½ stone so please be honest! The weight limit is for our horses welfare and our staff will request that you are weighed onsite if they feel you may be close to the weight limit. We are sometimes able to accommodate riders who are heavier than 14½ stone, as we have two weight carrying horses, however this is reliant on these horses being sound and ready to work, so slightly heavier riders should contact the centre to enquire whether this is a possibility.
How should I pay for my lesson?
Your lesson should be paid in advance by cash, cheque or credit/debit card. You are best to pay for the first lesson individually, if you enjoy it you can take advantage of one of our many discount schemes.
Do I need to get my horse ready?
No - our staff will groom and tack up the horses in preparation for you. A few of our staff may also be on the ground during your first lesson to lead/assist depending on numbers and ages. You will be shown how to lead/get your horse from your stable.

Signing up to a Stable Management course

Stable management is one of our most popular courses, because it gives a chance for riders to become a bit more involved with handling the horses, and helps them to develop their confidence. We're sure you have lots of questions about your course, and hopefully the information below will help you get organised for it.

What time does the course start at?
Courses start at 9:00am each day, and finish at 2:00pm. Beginner courses run Tue-Fri, novice and advanced courses run Mon-Fri. Beginner course members must be picked up at 2pm each day, whilst novice and advanced members can stay on for a bit longer if they want. It's important that we know what time each child will be getting collected at, so make sure you let us know if collection time will be after 2pm.
What should I bring with me?
Sensible clothes for the weather! Whilst there is a cabin with a heater for lectures, the majority of the day is spent outside, so waterproof, warm clothes are a necessity. You should also bring your lunch (we have a microwave, kettle and juice machine) and snacks for during the day. Ideally, you should be dressed smartly for riding, so if you have a school tie/clean boots - wear them whilst you ride - you'll get extra inspection marks! Grooming kits are also a good idea - but don't worry - if you don't want to buy one, we have spare brushes. You can also just buy a couple of brushes but make sure everything you have is clearly named so you don't lose it!
What is the timetable?
Each day, you will have an hour long riding lesson (on the pony you have chosen), a stable management lecture for an hour, lunch for 45 minutes and the rest of the day will be spent with you grooming your chosen pony under supervision. At the start of your riding lesson, each pony and rider is inspected and given marks out of ten for how good the grooming is.
When do I need to pay?
You will pay a deposit on booking, the rest of the payment should be made at any point before the course starts. Most of our members pay on the first morning of their course.