April Newsletter

Hi Everyone! Trojan here – here I am in my pic showing off my delicate, elegant thin head. Sally says that’s a load of rubbish and I have a head like a wardrobe but I chose to ignore that!


Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser either by donating items for the auction/raffle/tombola, buying raffle tickets or coming along on the evening! We raised a grand total of £4357.87p! The evening was great fun and the questions tested everyone J One of the funniest parts of the evening was when the buffet was all put out on the table, sadly one of the bar staff hadn’t secured the legs of the table properly, which resulted in a large quantity of buffet collapsing onto the floor J But it didn’t ruin anyones night – everyone had fun and joined in.


Membership fees are due for payment during the month of April at reception and a prepayment discount applies up until the 30th April. A single membership this year is £120 and a family membership is £220 if paid during April – the full price is £130 for single and £240 for family if paid late.

Please make sure you pick up a blank full membership form from reception so you can fill it in at home – we know it’s a pest having to fill in the form again, but we need it filled in each year as your riding standard changes and it’s the form we use for emergency contact numbers so we need to keep ensuring they are all correct if you have moved house during year e.t.c.

ARC is a not for profit members club, meaning everyone has to be a member to ride here. The membership is beneficial to everyone as it allows us to keep our not for profit status, meaning our lesson sales are VAT exempt so we can offer them slightly cheaper than we could otherwise and it means that there is no proprietor to the company – our directors are volunteers and don’t take any financial payment from the company for their director roles. Therefore we continually reinvest back into the company – primarily through the horses management and welfare, buying new equipment (like Henrys saddle/the new showjumps) and keeping trying to make the sport accessible.


We know! It’s only easter, but we need to plan ahead with dates so that everyone can be organised around their holidays.

The bookings for Summer stable management will open on Monday 22nd April at 10.00a.m and we will be running the following courses:

Beginner – Mon 8th July – Thursday 11th July inclusive

Novice – Mon 15th July – Thursday 18th July inclusive.

Advanced – Mon 22nd July – Thursday 25th inclusive. We may put on additional weeks towards the end of the holidays if demand is there for them, but at the moment we would like to “hold” the last three weeks as we are hoping to put on a couple of dressage

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