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Our biggest assets are our brilliant staff and lovely horses and ponies.

ARC is an approved BHS training centre, recognised by the BHS for its excellence in training both staff and career students. Whilst we always have qualified staff on duty, we are also constantly training individuals through the BHS career pathway and helping them become qualified by funding aspects of their training and exams. ARC believes in investing in firstly their own staff, but also in professional development for all professionals in the area. To this end, we regularly provide free or subsidised training for local coaches, hold mentoring days and allow free access to career students who wish to come and study our coaching/assessment system. ARC also sponsors the Anne Balfour-Kinnear training bursary which is administered by the British Horse Society Scotland and provides a £500 training bursary for the successful applicant each year.
Ali Bertram

Ali Bertram

Ali has been a club member for over twelve years and now heads up our reception team. Ali has a degree in Management from the Robert Gordon University and was heavily involved in the relocation project to Anguston, supporting Sally with the admin side and making sure nothing was forgotten. Following a few months of travelling in 2017, Ali returned to ARC to take up a full-time post as Office Supervisor, running the admin side of the business. Ali has her own horse, Spring, who lives on the livery yard.

Elle Russell

Elle has grown up as an ARC member and has owned her horse, Longo, for over six years. They have competed in numerous show jumping events over their time together. Elle previously worked at a successful show jumping yard and so has plenty of experience handling and working with young horses. Elle is currently studying for a Law degree at Glasgow University.

Grace Muller

Grace is the newest member of the team. Grace works part-time in reception and does some cover work around her school studies. Grace has been involved with the club for a number of years as she learned to ride as a beginner at ARC and now has her own horse, Jimbles, who lives on the livery yard.

Martin Dargie

Level 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship with Level 4 Riding and Teaching

Martin has been involved with ARC for many years, having completed an initial training programme back in 2003. Martin enjoyed travelling the Australia in 2008/09 and returned to work with the club when he came back to Aberdeen. Martin teaches all standards of rider and, having competed previously, is popular for jumping lessons. Martin is also responsible for some staff training, holds his BHS 4 teaching qualification and BHS Stage 4 riding and is a qualified first aider.

Laura Cargill


Laura is our Livery Yard Supervisor and has previously worked at other successful livery yards in Aberdeen. Laura is experienced with all types of horses and has fitted in well on the livery yard. She has a nice attitude with all the livery clients and is great with the horses. Laura has her own horse, Tayto, who lives at the club. She enjoys riding and competing regularly with Tayto. Laura is available for riding and schooling of livery horses, which can be booked through her in the diary. Laura is also responsible for inputting all livery services each month to Ali for billing. Laura holds her full Stage 1, 2, and 3 riding and care qualifications.

Ellis Rugg

Ellis Rugg

Ellis is a training student with us, who works on the livery yard. Ellis joined us when she left school as she was keen to find a position with horses where she could continue to train and learn. Ellis is excellent at handling all the livery horses and is very thorough with their care. Ellis keeps her horse, Cyrus, at the club.

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Club Manager

Sally has worked with horses since leaving school at 16 and working on a dressage yard in Portugal for a year. She initially began training with the club at our first location. Sally holds her BHS Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, PTT, ITT and Stable Managers qualifications and is a first aider. Sally became a director of the company in 1998 and was instrumental in the club moving premises successfully in 2003 and again in our most recent relocation to Anguston in 2017. Sally teaches all standards of rider in both private and group lessons and is responsible for all staff training towards their exams. She is also involved in the admin side of the company, doing the bookkeeping and ensuring all club policies are up to date and sound (including health and safety responsibility). Sally recently won ‘Business Personality of the Year 2017’ in the Pride of Aberdeen Awards. Sally’s horse Miro, who is now retired, lives at the club. Sally also owns two dogs, Helga and Bill, who you may see out for walks at the farm.


Level 2 Riding and Stable Management

Max has worked with horses from a young age, she works full time at the club on the livery yard. After graduating from Aberdeen University with a degree in Zoology, Max turned her lifelong passion into a job. Max also works in reception on a Thursday and is a valued member of our team.
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