April Newsletter


The Easter stable management has been really popular with the “Covid format” of 3 hours per day to avoid the riders having lunch together etc. At this point, we are planning to run stable management in the Summer holidays to the same format and will release dates and booking date for that in the May newsletter and on social media – there will be a beginner, novice and advanced session so something for everyone. We are also really excited to be able to offer a new programme for our under 12s – “Pony Stars” which is a new British Horse Society programme designed specifically for the younger group – with booklets, hat silks, stickers to collect and loads of fun activities, we will be offering this to our younger stable management members alongside their stable management course and will also be starting “Pony Stars” weekly sessions towards the end of May. The programme is really fun and cool and makes us all want to be under 12 again!


We have now returned to the “normal” booking dates for our private lessons – so the diary for each month opens on the last Monday of the month before (e.g., May’s diary for private lessons will open on Monday 26th April. We have increased our private lesson availability as Liam is now also qualified to coach private sessions, so he is looking forward to delivering lessons to our members! A reminder that peak-time private lessons (after 4 pm Mon – Thurs and all day at weekends) are limited to 2 per month per rider to ensure there is enough availability for everyone and payment is taken on booking either by card over the phone or bank transfer if you prefer that method.


Thank you all very much for your patience when the road was closed for a day or two last week – we had no prior warning of this – we had been advised that the road would remain open from North Deeside Road throughout, but these things happen. It was well worth it though to have such great improvements done to the road – Just a reminder though that it doesn’t mean you can race along it J Also a reminder that the speed limit on our private access road/car park is 15mph. Do please remember that we have staff crossing there with horses at different times in the day and the trampoline/swing area is very popular with our junior members so please drive very carefully!


We have been busy during the restrictions making improvements to the facility – we had some lights replaced/repaired with a cherry picker in the building and have re-roofed the tack rooms, feed rooms and coffee area. We are also (during April) going to be having a new fire alarm system installed (the original one has never been particularly user friendly) and we are also putting in some additional CCTV. The additional CCTV will only operate from the time that lessons finish each day, so no recording in the building will take place when riders are on site. We are also installing a number plate recognition camera on the outside of the building which will operate 24/7 to keep a record of who is on site – you will see the signage appearing during April but just to let you know if you see more cameras, don’t worry they aren’t recording during the daytime.

Look forward to seeing you all in April!

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