August Newsletter


You will all notice that a bit of joinery work will be going on with the small arena kickboards over the next couple of weeks. This is because the ARC hippotherapy group is having their hydraulic mounting platform installed – it’s great news for the Hippo group as they’ve been fundraising for a couple of years now to be able to afford the mounting platform which will mean they can offer the valuable hippotherapy services to a wider variety of users. The school horses and ponies that the Hippo group use will then be undergoing training in how to stand quietly at the platform whilst it goes up and down, then it’ll be all systems go for the group! Please just be aware that whilst there is a bit of work going on, that bit of the viewing area will be sectioned off to prevent access until it is completed – it’s quite a big task as we’ve to make a new set of doors in the wall, then lift the ramp into position, then have all the safety barriers installed around it. The work will all be done on Fridays to ensure it doesn’t interfere with lessons. Once the ramp is in place, it will have barriers around it as it is an expensive piece of equipment, so can’t be used as a climbing frame ☺ 

Thanks! Murphy! 

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