May Newsletter

Hi Everyone! Thought we’d show you in the picture just how interactive our junior stable management sessions with Laura on a Monday are – here is Dan wearing all his stickers to cover “points of the horse” Saint Dan!
We’re delighted that so many of our junior members are also interested in “Pony Stars” the new programme for younger riders (under 12) being started by the British Horse Society. We are anticipating that it will be ready by summer holiday time to deliver so will keep everyone updated!

We didn’t run annual assessments last year due to Covid so will be restarting them again this year, but we are going to push the date of them till after the Summer holidays. For those of you who haven’t been assessed before – don’t worry – they are not a test! Your lesson goes on as normal (sometimes with a different coach for that week) and either Sally or Martin will be sitting at the side taking notes – you then get an assessment sheet with a colour grading and some info on what you are doing well and what you need to work on in future with your riding. The assessments are designed to be a positive process and are important so that you can keep track of

your progression, but also so that we can ensure each group rider is in the correct group and that our coaches are delivering our internal coaching model/syllabus at correct rate. Assessment forms are then available the next week for you to pick up from reception (or electronically if you prefer this year) so don’t worry! We will update on an exact date in the next newsletter, but it’s anticipated to be September.


Thank goodness the Shire and City schools are on holiday at same time in Summer! We will be offering the following stable management sessions which will open for bookings on Monday 10th May. Booking can be made from 10a.m by phone with full payment if doing 1 day or a deposit of £50 if doing more than 1 day.

We are sticking to the same format for the courses as we don’t know in advance what Covid restrictions may be so courses will be 10a.m – 1p.m each day. At this stage, we would anticipate that those doing the Novice stable management are welcome to stay at the yard and help until 2.30p.m each day as by Novice level they are certified more competent/able to volunteer as we know some parents are keen to have a longer session for them. This is free of charge and isn’t reflected in the cost of the course – just let us know if they would like to stay on a bit longer and help/watch lessons e.t.c. Unfortunately, we can’t offer this for beginner course level children at this stage.

Beginner – Mon 28th June – Thurs 1st July inclusive  
Novice – Mon 5th July – Thurs 8th July inclusive.
Beginner – Mon 19th July – Thurs 22nd July inclusive.
Novice – Monday 26th July – Thurs 29th July inclusive.

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